Parent Comments

Our parents have great things to say about St. John’s Early Education Center!

We have parents who enroll all their children at St. John’s:

“We have had at least one child attending St. John’s every year since 2007 and we are grateful for the loving care and gentle push that each got from their wonderful teachers.”

“Our daughter just finished her blue room graduation. That ends seven years of our family having a student at St. John’s. It’s certainly a happy/sad day in our home. St. John’s has not only provided an excellent education for our girls, more importantly it has been an incredibly safe place where they feel comfortable and feel like they are home. My daughters have been blessed to build relationships with adults who support them, hug them, and care for them like their own children. Nothing excites my girls more than to tackle/hug a St. John’s teacher wherever they see them. We’re forever in your debt.”

And parents who wish they had:

“I can’t thank you enough for the amazing program you provide at St. John’s EEC. The teachers and staff create such a caring environment in conjunction with an academically enriched curriculum! They always go the extra mile and their dedication to the little details did not go unnoticed. My son and his classmates graduated today with a passion for learning, completely ready for Kindergarten, and have countless loving preschool memories. My only regret is that my two oldest children didn’t attend St. John’s EEC. Thanks again!!!”

Some parents get emotional:

“Thank you for the love and attention to the education of children at St. John’s EEC. We have enjoyed the growth of our child over these few years, the learning he has absorbed – the skills and preparation for the next year in kindergarden. All of these years have made him eager for what life holds. I’m sure this includes all children who have enjoyed their days at St. John’s. Thank you all. We are very proud of every one of you.”

“I am absolutely despondent that we need to leave St. John’s. Your staff, environment, and communication sets the standard that every school should have. My child has thrived beyond any expectation I could have had for her. I have yet to research a Kindergarten program that will allow her to have the same experiences we have had at St. John’s. Your teachers have left a lifetime imprint on my daughters heart and mind and I am most grateful.”

“Thanks a lot for making me cry. Last Wednesday my daughter gave me my Mother’s Day present (she insisted that I open it then). I LOVED the necklace with the fingerprint. What a terrific idea. And then she asked me to read the back of the card she painted. I am not usually one to be too sentimental, but I could not even get through the whole thing without getting choked up. Thank you for creating such a thoughtful gift with the kids. It is so obvious through the work that comes home how much time is put into everything you do. Big thank you!”

And best of all, so do our students:

“My son loves going to school and loves his teachers. The staff is so seasoned that I wish we could do kindergarden here too. They are all amazing!”

“There is no day that our child didn’t want to go to school. He is always happy to walk into the classroom and the teachers always greet him with big smiles, hugs, and cheers. I feel that he always felt welcomed to the classroom.”

“Our daughter loves going to school every day. That attitude is not always a given so I know it is a wonderful place is she continually wants to go back! St. John’s is a wonderful place for kids. They learn boundaries and proper school behavior. What a great year it has been! Thank St. John’s!!”

“The staff is very enthusiastic and has worked very hard to create a strong bond with my child. My child is excited to come to school each day and looks forward to attending class and the special areas (Art, Music, Foreign Language). Most importantly he is learning to enjoy the school process”

“Thanks for loving my kiddo today (well, and every day come to think of it)! This parenting stuff is not for sissys and we’re blessed to have great teachers along for the ride!”