We use the FLEX philosophy to enrich our students. FLEX stands for Foreign Language Exposure. There is exposure to foreign language without an emphasis on communication. It is a foundation for later foreign language skills and it helps the child acquire the skills of careful listening. At St. John’s, the child is exposed to Spanish food, songs, books, culture, and pictures of people and landscapes.
The dramatic method of language teaching is used. As much as possible each word is dramatized in as many different ways. By teaching in a spirit of play, the children do not experience the frustration or worry of being penalized for an incorrect response. The preschool years are the time for wonder, play and enjoyment!

Exposure to musical experiences is fundamental to the preschool education. The concepts of rhythm, melody and dance through simple motions help develop the young mind.  Memory is developed as we learn new songs whose themes coincide with our lessons and the seasons. The children enjoy the attention of our dedicated music instructor in our music room.

Yoga is a dynamic, playful and creative way for children to strengthen their body and develop self control. Stories, themes, props, and music make the 20 minute class burst with imagination. The children will improve their balance, coordination and body awareness. Yoga is taught in a positive, safe, and noncompetitive manner. In their delight, the children don’t realize they are exploring traditional yoga poses.